Robust attitude control of Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicles

Kumon M; Katupitiya J; Mizumoto I, 2011, 'Robust attitude control of Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicles', IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), vol. 18, no. PART 1, pp. 2607 - 2613, Italy

Abstract / Description

This paper proposes a controller to stabilize the attitude of Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicle (VTAV). VTAV has high sensitivity to realize quick maneuver, which also means the system is easily effected by uncertainties or disturbances. In order to overcome these undesired effects, the controller is required to be robust. One of the major uncertainty factors of VTAV is uncertain aerodynamic forces, which leads a disturbance to the input to the dynamics. In order to compensate this, high gain output feedback approach with a filter inserted in the loop is proposed. This approach is able to ease Parallel Feedforward Compensator (PFC) selection that is necessary for the controller, considering both stability and disturbance attenuation simultaneously. Numerical simulations comparing with conventional methods showed validity of the proposed method. © 2011 IFAC.

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