Centralized robust controllers using signal-based H and -synthesis for an unmanned helicopter

Yuan W; Katupitiya J, 2012, 'Centralized robust controllers using signal-based H and -synthesis for an unmanned helicopter', AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference 2012, United States


Dr. Wayne Yuan
A/Prof. Jayantha Katupitiya

Abstract / Description

This paper presents results obtained by implementing two different types of robust controllers to stabilize an unmanned helicopter. Since the entire LTI MIMO helicopter model is not partitioned in control design, both controllers have a unique feature that they are in a centralized form, and are able to handle internal and external disturbances better than the normal decentralized control systems for helicopters. In this work, the centralized controllers are designed for stabilizing velocities and heading rate while the system is subjected to a substantial amount of sensor noise and external disturbances in the form of wind gusts, and model uncertainties. A comparison of two controllers are presented in simulations. The results show the resilience of both controllers while the μ-synthesis controller showed smoother performance against large model errors. © 2012 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.

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