A survey on ellipse detection methods

Wong CY; Lin SCF; Ren TR; Kwok NM, 2012, 'A survey on ellipse detection methods', IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, pp. 1105 - 1110, China


Mr. Chin Yeow (Jared) Wong
Dr. Ngai Ming (Raymond) Kwok
Stephen Ching-Feng Lin
Tianran Ren

Abstract / Description

Ellipses and elliptical features are evident in abundance, in a wide variety of digital images. Much of these features carry within itself useful statistical and geometrical information that can be exploited for a broad range of real-world applications. Algorithms developed of late for ellipse detection are application specific and are mainly based on traditional least-square fitting and Hough transform methods. This, in essence, is a step away from building a fully autonomous system with ellipse detection capabilities. This review attempts to redirect the research focus back towards a common goal of generating new ideas through the introduction of a modular framework. © 2012 IEEE.

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