Fabrication of arbitrary precision micro profiles by nano-grinding

Milton, GE & Katupitiya, J, 2012, 'Fabrication of arbitrary precision micro profiles by nano-grinding', International Journal of Nanomanufacturing, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 231 - 246

Abstract / Description

A multi-axis machine tool and a control architecture that can be used to machine flat or concave axisymmetric or non-axisymmetric micro profiles on micro-scale components is presented. Using this system, the micro profiles can be produced to exact specifications within tolerances. The motivation is to exploit the precision of mechanical motion in conventional machining set ups to our advantage in producing high precision three-dimensional micro profiles. The machine is built by combining a suite of micro and nano stages together with a number of other high precision positioning devices. This paper describes both the machine architecture and the control architecture. The specific micro component used in this work is the tip of a 125 ┬Ám diameter optical fibre made out of silica glass. Grinding parameters published in the literature have been used to achieve nano-grinding of silica glass in ductile mode. The emphasis in this work is on achieving the precision of the micro profile. Results include the images of the profiles created and the comparisons of measured and specified profiles.

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